Brand Launch

May 25, 2022

Brand Launch

Launched by a passionate team, the brand debuts with a unique collection of handwoven and artisanal rugs.

First Major Sale

August 3, 2022

First Major Sale

The brand sees its first major sales boost during a seasonal promotion, gaining reputation through social media marketing and customer reviews.

Expansion of Product Line

September 1, 2022

New products launch

In response to customer demand, the brand expands its offerings to include eco-friendly and sustainably sourced rugs.


June 10, 2023

Collaboration with Renowned Interior Designer

A collaboration with a well-known interior designer launches a limited-edition rug collection, enhancing brand visibility and market reach.

International Shipping

September 25, 2023

International Shipping Launch

The brand begins offering international shipping, marking its growth from a local business to a globally recognized ecommerce entity.